St Stephen-in-Brannel

This recently constructed timber frame home manufactured, erected and insulated by Truro Timber frame is soon to be finished with a locally sourced granite stonework exterior in keeping with its picturesque surroundings

Material Specification

  • Reflective thermal exterior wrap
  • 147mm external wall vac vac treated Timber Frame
  • Engineer roof trusses
  • Structural Steel work
  • Engineered 253mm metal webbed Joist System
  • 21mm spruce Flooring System
  • 89mm Internal Timber Frame Panels
  • 140mm – 0.35 flexi slab
  • Foil Internal vapour membrane
  • 38mm service void baton
  • Achieving 0.21 U Value on frame
  • ITW Industry Logo
  • Glide Vale Logo
  • Trada member Logo
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