Timber Frame Packages and Services

At Truro Timber Frame Ltd we can offer the following packages to help build your desired structure:

Package 1

Supply only timber frame package

Delivery of Manufactured Timber Frame, Trusses, Joists

Structural calculations designed to any specification for Timber Frame Package

Copy of your own Structural Drawings

Full after sales backup

Package 2

Supply & erect timber frame package

Delivery of manufactured Timber Frame, Trusses, Joists

Erected by our skilled team of erectors

Structural calculations designed to any specification for Timber Frame Package

Copy of your own Structural Drawings

Full after sales backup

Package 3

Supply only insulation package.

Insulation service void baton

VC Foil

Sealing Tape

Package 4

Supply & Fit insulation package.

Insulation fitted by our specialist team

Insulation service void baton

VC Foil

Sealing Tape

We also manufacture roof trusses, all our frames can have NHBC certificate and Sap calculations if needed.

Timber Frame – Opened & Closed

The timber framed wall panels provide the  vertical structural  component carrying the loads on the building to the foundations. The timber frame method of construction gives designers flexibility in both layout and external appearance.

Timber frame buildings  also offer high levels of thermal insulation compared to conventional masonry construction, reducing heating costs , conserving energy and often negating the need for expensive  renewable installations, typically used to offset lower insulation performances  in masonry construction. Timber frame is quick to build on site, saves money and  due to the factory controlled conditions enables us to maintain a high quality and consistent product.

Metal Web Joists

Truro Timber Frame specialise in the production of space joists, space rafters and the new space studs. These engineered components provide space within roof and floor zones for services minimising time on site for expensive M & E contractors. We can also integrate Glulam beams to the floor zones and double up metal web joists to act as trimmers giving options for openings with high live and dead load areas. Space joists consist of parallel TR26 stress graded timber flanges joined together with ‘v’ shaped galvanised steel webs. We can also provide roof and floor cassettes if required.

  • Roof Trusses

    Roof trusses are prefabricated components, manufactured under quality controlled conditions in our factory.

    These components, once delivered to site are erected quickly, ensuring the building is watertight quicker than using a traditional method of “cutting the roof in”. All components of the roof trusses are structurally guaranteed. Truro Timber Frame supply bespoke roofs, ranging from the simple Gable to Gable, to the complex hipped “Room in the Roof” with dormers.

    We have manufactured scissor trusses, curved roofs, mansard roofs and large numbers of fink trusses of all shapes and sizes.


    Truro Timber Frame offer numerous cost effective  insulation packages for the perimeter walls which can be provided in a closed panel system or installed in situ once the frame has been installed. Our standard package  comfortably exceeds building regulations minimum, however we can offer high performance packages for the higher spec build. Packages available typically offer u values to 0.2w/m2k, 0.17w/m2k  and 0.14w/m2k.

  • Glulam & Steel

    All the structural components either glulam or steel are included within the package from Truro Timber Frame.

    Glulam also has endless structural uses which include; portal frames, feature trusses, feature beams and curved roof supports.


Our Timber Frame packages include Manufacturer of Roof Trusses Metal webbed joists and Timber Frame panels

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